The Top Ten Reasons Why Shane Mosley Beat Antonio Margarito

  • Posted on Mon, January 26th, 2009 by Ja Dawson

I didn’t have the guts to pick "Sugar" Shane Mosley to defeat Antonio Margarito this past Saturday, but I have a pretty clear idea why he did.

Here are the reasons why:

#10 Miguel Cotto. Did Margarito leave some of himself in the ring after his brutal victory over Cotto nearly a year ago?

#9 Bernard Hopkins. Is is just me, or did this fight, especially with the glove controversy and big city setting, remind you of Hopkins’s career-defining victory over the favored, younger and seemingly indestructible Felix Trinidad? Trust me, Hopkins’s presence in the Mosley camp had its impact.

#8 Naazim Richardson. Hopkins’s co-trainer on that fateful night in Madison Square Garden nearly seven years ago, the architect of Shane’s rousing upset, and the author of a new boxing quotable, "swim but don’t get wet." A training star is born.

#7 Game Plan. Both men had game plans and followed them. The problem for Margarito was that once his "I will walk through you" strategy did not work, he had no plan B.

#6 The Jab. This little-used Mosley weapon was unleashed on the unsuspecting Margarito as well as everyone watching.

#5 The Hold. Unlike many of Margarito’s victims, Mosley decided to strategically clinch, frustrating Margarito while conserving his own 37-year old legs.

#4 Punch Blocking. Also known as the martial art of self-defense. It was personified by Mosley and largely ignored by Margarito (as usual).

#3 Physical Strength. The greatest shock of all was the sight of Mosley brawling and mauling Margarito on the inside.

#2 Body Punching. Mosley hearkened back to his lightweight days when he would pound the body early to kill the head late – and boy did he ever!

#1 Hand Speed. We all knew that Shane was  the faster man, but did anyone think that Margarito would play Glass Joe to Mosley’s Kid Quick? Those of you who played Punch-Out!! know what I mean.

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