Barrera Will Experience The Wrath Of Khan

I am not sure what the great Marco Antonio Barrera (65-6-1, 43 KOs) has left. Amir Khan (19-1, 15 KOs) will most likely tell us. In an extreme case of the classic crossroads fight, the veteran Barrera aims to prolong his Hall of Fame career while derailing the rise of a heralded prospect in Khan.

Amir Khan has any array of offensive skills – hand speed, punching power, and punch volume. There is one major problem. It appears that he may have a porcelain chin. Prior to getting stretched by Colombian power-puncher Breidis Prescott, Khan had been dropped and hurt by far lesser opponents than Barrera.

The question is whether a "well past his prime" Barrera is up to the task of turning back the clock and upsetting the stronger Khan. The answer will be no. If this fight took place five years ago, I’d say yes. I know Khan was still an amateur – but you get my point!

Khan may still be amateurish in many ways, but his tall frame (5’10"), punching power and youthful exuberance will be too much for Barrera to handle. Look for Khan to be a little gun shy early on, but to outwork the older man en route to a unanimous decision at M.E.N. Arena, Manchester, United Kingdom.


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    Yeah mate exactly what i was thinking as my game plan. I’ll use my fast footwork and hand speed to keep control of the fight en route to a unanimous points victory.Barrera will have flashes of brilliance but they’ll be few and far between.
    And what is this i hear about a porcelain chin ? To the best iof my knowledge people have been saying it was glass? but ill prove to everyone that this is granite!!!

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    I feel guilty for taking money from the bookies to give dishonest predictions on this forum.

    Last time, I announced would win Julio knowing Kirkland was much stronger but this time, I won’t take the bribe.

    It just ain’t worth it. I’m gonna clean up my act, become a better person and make a difference!


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    Not so daring.
    Odds have moved toward Marco suggesting there is serious backing.
    Somebody has to back the loser to provide the money to pay my bet winnings.

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