“No Comment,” The Story of Mayweather-Pacquiao

Don’t let the post title fool you, I look forward to your comments on whether you think Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao will finally meet in November. I know that Showtime Championship Boxing has a nice double-header lined up for next week, featuring Juan Manuel Lopez and Nonito Donaire, but I’m in a Mayweather-Pacquiao state of mind.

The bazillion-dollar question is: will the fight actually take place this November?

My guess is, "no comment." Actually, I’m only kidding. I just couldn’t resist sharing that overused, two-word phrase. "No comment" was supposed to be the canned response that anyone involved with promoting this "mega-fight-in-the-making" uttered to the media regarding the fight negotiations. If you recall, hearsay and "media jabs" by Top Rank (Pacquiao’s promotional outfit) and Golden Boy/Mayweather Promotions had a lot to do with the fight not being made late last year.

All parties were doing good until I read this, "Arum claims progress on mega-fight negotiations." I’m thinking, "what the hell happened to no comment." It was working so well. Just when you think you have it all figured out, good ole’ Arum launches this comment.

What do you make of all of this?


  1. Jeff says

    The longer they take to sign this fight the less people are going to care once it does happen. It should have already taken plance in May of this year, now we hear November. With pressures from the MMA bringing their fans the big fights, boxing needs to jump on board and start bringing big fights their fans want to see. They really can’t afford not to.

  2. Jeff says

    How about a Predicition on the Showtime Card this weekend. Humour us. Boxing seems to be in the offseason right now.

  3. jabbo says

    that james toney thing is all but hysterical, but hey,everyone needs to make a living. I regards to the Money-May/PacMan episode I’d like to see one more fight from both these fighters before this fight happens, I believe Manny has reached that pinacle in his career where after Money it’s politics for him and another retirement for Money due to his brilliant but cautious fighting fight style. i liken this to a 200 year botle of brandy found in some obscure location, maybe part of some aristocrat’s private stash sitting on a table ready to be enjoyed after all this time, you can’t wait to have it pass your palete but at the same time you realize you only get open it for the first time once….Wow you think maybe I should just savor the moment just a little longer. No guys, I don’t think they’ll be a shortage of takers whenever this thing goes down. ‘ This Ain’t MMA!@Ja Dawson:

  4. says

    @Erik, Most definitely. It’s something that’s on my radar for 2011; I may even have a guest MMA predictor join my blog to handle those for me. Are you volunteering? :)

  5. says

    jabbo, you have a future as a writer…very visual metaphor with the brandy. I hope Lights Out wins, but I doubt that he will. It’s like a lacrosse player challenging a hockey player to a hockey game — just downright silly.

    Who you got if/when Money and Pac Man meet in the ring?

  6. jabbo says

    @Ja Dawson Got the Money-Man all the way Ja I just don’;t see the pacster; being able to dismantle Money the way he has in the cases of the more non-responsive fighters like cotto. i expect the comfortable Money Man will eventually morf into exactly the fighting machine necessary to comfortably nutralize the extrodinarily talented PacMan.

  7. jabbo says

    Really anxious to see what happens when sir Floyd does his matrix-thing and morphs into that perfect defense machine, falls into Pacman’s rhythm and starts to ‘pop’ him Manny at will. I expect mass confusion at best a forsee an extremely rare case of loss of composure and even frustration. should be exciting to watch!@Ja Dawson:

  8. Erik says

    @Ja Dawson:
    Sure I think it would be fun! I am a huge MMA/Boxing fan and keep up on both! The reason I asked is because it would create a wider fan base for your website since you will cover both sports.

  9. says

    @Erik: Please remind me and a few months and we can begin the conversation…how long have you been following MMA? If so, do you think you can email me a sample of your work? Go to the contact us form on my site (in the footer) and let me know.

  10. jabbo says

    All boxers re-think his fight plan before they meet Floyd. They need to fight; certainly for the fan base as well as the economics dictate that their will be a Money Mayweather/PacMan fight. Not only will there be a fight between those guys, but it’ my prediction that we’ll see a diffeerent level of fighting from both men, as soon as Money May began taking heat for not standing and fighting and not selecting a “true” welterweight to fight, he got it on with one of the most serious threats in the sport. Yeah, I’m absolutely certain that this fight will happen and we will all be pleased with the results. Freddy Roach said a while back that he wanted Manny to fight Mayweather and then retire anticipating I’m sure (based on some of his softer performances) that it woud be an easy win for big bucks, I not sure he’s still thinking that way now.

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