The Five Worst Boxing Decisions That I Have Ever Witnessed

After watching Paul Williams (now an undeserving 40-2, 28 KO’s) get befuddled and bloodied over 12 grueling rounds against Cuban upstart Erislandy Lara (unjustly, no longer undefeated at 15-1), yet garner a gift decision, I couldn’t help but recall awful decisions that I had witnessed.

And without further adieu, they are: the five worst boxing decisions that I have ever witnessed in "real-time," during my short span here on this green orb that they call earth.

  1. Jose Luis Ramirez W SD Pernell Whitaker.
  2. Park Si-Hun W (3-2) Roy Jones, Jr.
  3. Pernell Whitaker D PTS Julio Cesar Chavez.
  4. Lennox Lewis D PTS Evander Holyfield.
  5. Courtney Burton W SD Emmanuel Augustus.

The benefactors of these decisions have been crossed out just so you’re clear.

The stench of Williams-Lara will wear off soon enough. And when it does, I may be forced to re-visit this list and considering adding it to this infamous quintet.


  1. says

    In total agreement with JD, it may not be in that kind of order but those were perhaps the worst decisions in the hostory of the sport. Here we had a bout Saturday in which the judges clearly had no experience so we shouldn’t be all that shocked on the outcome of the bout. A good buddy of mine and I were watching the bout and we were just wishing that Lara had a little more punching power to deliver the knockout blow but it obviously never happened. We had the fight perhaps 10-2 or if you’re giving PW benefit of the doubt maybe 9 rounds to 3.

  2. says

    Yeah Mark, that was a landslide. I actually had it about 8-4…it’s hard to believe that Williams one, when he, at times, looked like he was close to being stopped!

  3. tom says

    there is a natural bias to pick people of your generation.i remember when reggie jackson made a list of all time great baseball baseball players. now he is rightly forgotten. i think you have a good list but jack johnson belongs on any list.

  4. Panther Pisla says

    Don’t forget when Felix Sturm got robbed after trashing The Golden Boy. That was OBSCENE!

    Sweat Pea’s whuppin’ of DeLaHoya would count as well in a list of all time robberies.

    Or recently, when Berto mysteriously “Beat” Collazzo.

  5. says

    @Panther…Indeed, Oscar CLEARLY lost that fight. Sweat Pea won I thought, but it was close. I thought Berto lost that fight too, but it was fairly close as well.

  6. mark maddox says

    Why is Adrian Broner getting a title shot after losing to Shawn Porter a few months ago?

    This is what is killing boxing, a guy who shows off and clearly loses nowadays

    doesn’t have to wait in line like the fighters of the old era. Would love to see this

    guy (Broner) go in there and fight Lucas Matthesyse, he would get stopped.

    Also anyone think of a possible Porter-Thurman match up? Thrilling to say the least.

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