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After years of debating via email with my buddies on topics ranging from who the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world is to who is going to win the upcoming heavyweight title fight, I wanted to create a forum where I could share my opinions on such topics. Enter FightInsight.com.

It’s not just about me though – your voice needs to be heard! Fight Insight fosters online interaction through user comments, emails and poll questions. The blog does not simply rely on my weekly boxing predictions but also on your ongoing responses to them.

To better understand my appreciation for the sweet science, check out my favorite fights of all-time. Without these fistic masterpieces, Fight Insight would not exist.

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    • Shihan Joe: I think Hop has enough left to school the champ, but if he is any less than the second Dawson...
    • PM4: Let’s get ready to rumble fight fans. Frankly speaking, hoping the fourth clash of Pacman and El Dinamita...
    • Gafur: khans arms are too long for floyd! please bro! dnt be foloed by the record..floyds arms arent even long..he...
    • Gabriel: Perfect example why most boxing fans don’t care about boxing: http://www.huffingtonp...
    • Gabriel: Competition is good, no matter what the business. While I could do without 50 cent’s sexist remarks,...
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