Keeping The Froch vs Dirrell Controversy In Its Proper Perspective

Although Carl “the Cobra” Froch eked out a victory against Andre “the Matrix”  Dirrell, proving my prediction wrong, he still left many doubters. Many people felt that he did not do enough to earn the decision against Dirrell. Even worse, many think Froch benefited from some home(town) cooking from the referee (who deducted a point from Dirrell) as […]

Bailey And Urango Prove That There Is Still A Market For Free Boxing

When this fight was first signed, all boxing die-hards knew that it’d be a good fight, but not this good. Recently, Roy Jones and Jeff Lacy battled for Floridian supremacy. The all-Florida ring mayhem produced by Randall Bailey (39-7, 35 KOs) and Juan Urango (22-2-1, 17 KOs) made that fight look like must-turn TV. Speaking of television, […]

Pacqui-Wow! Manny Pacquiao Annihilates Ricky Hatton

Last night, I almost slept through the Pacquiao-Hatton fight. After a few glasses of Bacardi rum I was nearly knocked out on my couch. The good news: I was able to sleep through most of the underwhelming undercard. The (almost) bad news: I nearly missed the main event.  Maybe it was the nightmare that I had […]

The Top Ten Reasons Why Shane Mosley Beat Antonio Margarito

I didn’t have the guts to pick "Sugar" Shane Mosley to defeat Antonio Margarito this past Saturday, but I have a pretty clear idea why he did. Here are the reasons why: #10 Miguel Cotto. Did Margarito leave some of himself in the ring after his brutal victory over Cotto nearly a year ago? #9 Bernard […]